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What is Plant Cloning?

Cloning is taking a plant cutting and successfully establishing its roots. When the cutting has successfully taken root, it is then considered a clone. As a clone, it is a genetic copy of its mother plant. A grower that can successfully clone a plant ensures that they will have a self-sustaining garden that can produce consistent results.
Anybody can provide clones but the health of the clone can questionable. Did the grower use pesticides on their mother plant? Is the clone free of pests like and spider mites? Are you sure the clones ring sold are accurately represented? Are there pathogens hiding on the clone? All the above have been addressed by the Clone Depot Team.

Benefits to Plant Cloning

There are multiple benefits to cloning plants:
  • When you clone a plant, you are improving the odds that the plant will produce the same amount each harvest. A plant clone will have identical traits to its mother plant.
  • You can replicate any desirable traits via cloning.
  • Clones are predictable. When a plant is cloned, you will already know how that new plant will grow. Because it is a genetic match to its mother plant, it will grow similarly to its mother if it’s under the same environmental conditions.
  • Cloned plants reproduce faster. If you want to speed up your harvest time, one of the best ways to do that is to use clones instead of seeds. Cloned plants have adult leaves and a root system. It is weeks ahead of a seed started at the same time.
  • Growers typically see roots within two weeks of taking a cutting.
  • You don’t have to worry about having dud seeds. You can instantly see the results if a cutting is failing.
  • You can reproduce pest resistance. A strong mother that has shown resistance to pests and disease will pass that trait onto its clones.
Plant cloning is a tried-and-true method to maintaining a self-sustaining garden. If you want to keep your favorite strains in rotation, plant cloning is the way to go.